Q: Will you accept my insurance?
A: I am a fully credentialed and licensed practitioner in the states of New York and New Jersey. That means that I am fully recognized by all insurance companies as reimbursable for third party payments. I also accept Medicare in both states. However, some insurers offer their insured a list of panel members to choose from. Please refer to the page on “How to Choose The Right Psychotherapist For You” second to last bullet from the bottom, before deciding on whether or not to meet with a panel member. Most insurance companies will accept a provider outside of their panel, however the terms may vary and sometimes the insured has to meet a deductable (sometimes same as the medical deductible). Some are required to pay an affordable co-payment up to a certain number of visits and/or may be given a financial ceiling per year. Some companies will put your preferred practitioner on their panel list for you either temporarily or permanently. Either way, I will be happy to work out an arrangement that is fair and affordable for you.

Q: On your web page it lists a number of things that you do. How do you do them and is that all you do?
A: I have conveniently and carefully itemized my areas of expertise, based upon many years of clinical experience in dealing with my clients in these areas. These areas have been the ones most often identified by clients in my practice as important. I primarily work with individuals and couples, both straight and gay in a central midtown location. However, there are things I might be able to help you with that I have not listed. If I am unable to provide a particular service or function, then I will gladly refer you to a community resource, agency or another professional whenever possible. If there are any particular questions specific to your needs, I will gladly answer them either by telephone, e-mail or at the initial consultation.

Q: What is your policy on payment, lateness, cancellations, etc.?
A: I am careful to include a few pages for my clients in my office policy brochure which I generally hand out on the first visit. I have my clients read it and sign it so that there is no confusion in the future. This has proven to be valuable and very effective. It seems to minimize any kind of misunderstandings that may develop in the course of our professional relationship, and my clients can rest easier as a result of it.

Q: Do you have early morning and evening hours?
A: My goal is to be available to anyone interested in my services. I try to be as flexible as I can in accommodating my client’s busy schedules. I promise that I will do whatever I can to accommodate your schedule.

Q: What kind of approach to therapy do you subscribe to?
A: I subscribe to a panoply of clinical approaches which classifies me as an eclectic therapist. These theories include psychodynamic, object relations, cognitive-behavioral, etc. I pull from the best of these approaches in a manner in which I feel maximizes the potential for my clients to reach their fullest potential. I am an active participant in the therapeutic process as opposed to a passive listener. I find this approach to be more satisfying and beneficial to my clients towards achieving a successful therapeutic alliance. My goal is to help my clients to help themselves as I guide them through their journey towards self-discovery, self-actualization and self determination. I offer short-term and long-term therapy as is appropriate. Once again, if you have any other questions, you can email me at cswlcsw@aol.com or call me.