Positive Thinking

Often times, people create negative experiences without even realizing it. When one has a negative attitude, it is sometimes projected onto others and/or situations. If one expects negativity, the likelihood is that it will find it’s way into a situation as a “self-fulfilling prophecy.” Some people tend to be negative chronically and others periodically.

For some, when their emotional needs are unmet, they tend to become angry, and perceive that they’re out of control with others to blame. In all instances however, the negative thinker can take control once they take responsibility to turn their negative attitude into a positive one.

Here are some helpful tips:

1. Accept responsibility for your actions. Accept what you cannot change and re-evaluate the situation to your advantage.

2. Take one day at a time.

3. Remember the old adages, “There is always light at the end of the tunnel,” and “This too shall pass.”

4. Be aware of your choices.

5. Reinforce yourself by reflecting back on past successes, as small as they may seem.

6.Learn how to be a good problem solver, which sometimes only requires common sense without the edge.

7. Be assertive, not aggressive, and don’t dwell on negativity, just move forward.

8. Lower your expectations of yourself and others.

9. Love yourself, and be your own best friend.

10. Reflect on behavior patterns, improve your strategy, be proactive and empower yourself!

Breathing / Mental Relaxation Exercise:

1. Select a comfortable position to either recline or sit.

2. Take a deep breath and think of nothing but the rhythm of your breath. Close your eyes and be aware of nothing but breathing and your relaxed state. Chant to yourself how good you feel.

3. Relax your eyes and imagine an idyllic place in a safe setting, such as an ocean, river, etc.

4. Use you imagination to visualize and and utilize all your senses in your safe haven.

5. After ten minutes or so, open your eyes slowly and stretch. Remember, you can repeat this exercise and go back to your relaxed state at any time.

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